What people say

Is it possible that it is so easy? Yes, it is possible. A little change, a touch of light and beautiful landscapes appear… landscapes of new possibilities… actually just one… The possibility to sense, to feel, to ride the wave of the present moment.

-Nina, Slovenia 2012

Getting better and better. I now think this will be a constant interest and work in my life 🙂 slowly but for sure.

Participant, Slovenia 2012

It was fantastic… No expectations… incredible results… Now I know myself a little bit better… Great solutions for discovering subconscious… search of quite real child… I’m impressed and certain to continue discovering more and more…

-Participant, Slovenia 2012

It was a great workshop; people were very interesting and diverse. Catherine shows you how to work your way out of every situation, but it is up to you to do it and keep working on it.

Participant from Slovenia, 2011

A very strong experience; the time spent with Catherine was really nice too. She is a great role model.

-Participant from Slovenia, 2011

The workshop was great. Catherine has given us a lot of knowledge and provided many different exercises. I am really grateful that the organizers got Catherine to come to Slovenia.

-Participant from Slovenia, 2011

I was impressed with both Catherine and the workshop. The pace of the workshop was appropriate so that everyone was able to follow. For me, this was the first workshop in which all the participants connected and formed a harmonious whole. I like practical work, learning through experience and learning about myself spontaneously. Theory and practice went hand in hand really nicely. I’ll gladly attend all future workshops.

-Participant from Slovenia, 2011

I am more active and happier. When I have a problem or something does not go my way I am able to deal with it and put it aside quicker. My husband just commented on how
in the past I might have gotten upset and stayed that way for days. Now I put problems or negative experiences aside and move on. Problems and emotional issues are cleared quickly before they manifest physically in illness. I am beginning to achieve my financial goals.

—Cindy Holland-Rodriguez, cpa , San Antonio, Texas

I was able to give birth naturally to my two sons through Catherine’s guided imagery exercises. I found the strength within myself and used it! I am forever grateful for the toolsand guidance she has shared with me.

—Lauren Dictenberg

Business decisions have become so much easier since I’ve been studying with Catherine. The decisions come clearly now without hesitation or fear of making a mistake. Situations that in the past would have confused and frustrated me now appear quite clear. I have been freed from repeating some very old patterns with my family and friends..I now appreciate people more, even those people who in the past I would have avoided. Now I can meet them with a genuine sense of well being, not an overwhelming desire to run away from them….I have become more outgoing and no longer dread socialgatherings.


I feel more relaxed and peaceful…My relationship with my family has improved… I have gained more friends…Using the techniques I learned from Catherine, I was able to find a job… I am becoming financially independent.

—Lilach Goren

..See more clearly…Stay calm and open…Improve health… Much more in touch with what I truly want …Greater sense of satisfaction as well as a calmness as things change round me… This insight has been a tremendous gift.


Through the imagery, morphology and the dream openings I have a much greater understanding of who I am…what my true needs are…The joy and ease in which I move in the world has dramatically increased. The work has also given me the tools to create flow in the areas I have been stuck…illuminate the path to accomplishing my highest goals.

—Bonnie Buckner, Los Angeles, Ca