26. – 28.5.2023

In The Source of Revelation workshop, we will explore the Kabbalah as the source that reveals and elucidates this principle for us –  a source we may have confidence in to strengthen, deepen and support our inner experience.  It is the source that also holds a simple and powerful methodology  accessible and open to all people – regardless of religious belief – and can bring us together in healing and harmony.

This workshop will  acquaint you with the history, thinking and meditative ways of our ancient teachers. We will study and experience what they told us about the inception and creation of the work. We will also dwell on the main themes, all of which you will recognize if you have experienced this work. And we will dip into the few documents of pre-kabbalah and kabbalah that remain to follow their cosmogony, ascension, mystical union, and angeology as described in the Hekhalot and Merkhabah literature. We will dip further into the mysteries of creation, with the Sepher Yetzira, a book that the sages say existed before creation (!) to understand how we are meant to co-create. And we will peek into the Bahir, said to have been written by Isaac the Blind, founder of the Kabbalah of Light lineage.

Workshop Schedule – The daily schedule is the same each day: 9 h -17:30 h (CET).  There will be four (4) 60-minute sessions each day with 20- minute breaks between each session and a 90-minute lunch break.

Workshop Fee Options

Regular Fee – $45o

Early Bird Fee –  $405 if paid by 5 May (11:59 PM EST)

Bonus Bundle Discount –  Register for both workshops or entire conference, including: Heart-Centered Way + The Source of Revelation +  Conference (26 May – 4 June)

Registerby 5 May for both workshops get the Early Bird discount + an added fee reduction of 15% applied to the bundle price.  See separate Bundle listing.

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For those registering through a Bundle, the special SOI International Conference Day on May 31 is included.