June 2014 year of European school of Morphology

For the first time outside USA Catherine will teach Morphology. It is an ancient teaching of shape of the body. It’s based on the twelve morphological types, so it will last for three consecutive years of 4 day workshops. It is specially recommended to therapists of any kind, since it can aid their work.

1st year will be held on 17. – 20.6.2014

The twelve morphological types – Twelve Greek Gods – Twelve Tribes Hebrew

Morphology: What is it that the face and body reveal? Hebrew the word face – PANIM-has a double meaning: one side, and the connections of life within it. The face is the means by which the invisible becomes visible, is the nexus of the secrets of the soul with the body language. Morphology is the study of human potential as it manifests in the form and structure of the face and body. It reveals the character and temperament base. This work deepens your knowledge in the language of the body and can serve as a complementary tool to traditional and alternative therapies. 

In Morphology we study the Twelve Greek Gods, their myths and how these translate into body types. You learn to recognize the signs of the Gods’ personalities on the faces and bodies of the people you encounter. You learn to read them and to respond appropriately.

• 3 body types based on embryonic development

• The 3 areas of mental, emotional and physical

• The four humors of Hippocrates and Ezekiel’s vision (how the elements are combined to determine the temperament)

• Study of the hand

• The Seven Openings

• The 12 morphological types, 12 Greek gods and 12 Hebrew tribes (how shape determines the character and behavior)

Morphology is a guide to observe and accept the true nature of each individual, a path to inner wisdom through body awareness.


Abundance and prosperity

We would all like abundance and prosperity; at the very least we require enough to survive and take care of loved ones. But what is enough? What’s prosperity to one person may be subsistence to another.
People’s lives reflect their ideas.
What are your ideas about abundance, health, job, money?
Prosperity? Worth? Value? Did you inherit your ancestors opinions about this subjects? Your family’s? Do you believe in success? Do you think you’re “supposed to be poor” or poverty is holy? Do you think you’re only worth something if you’re rich? Do you believe there’s nothing you can do, that “the rich get rich and the poor get poorer”?
What if there’s something you can do to create abundance for yourself, whatever abundance means to you?
Using our tools of choice, Imagery, Dream Opening, Reversing® and Life Plan®, we examine some of the modern as
well as ancient kabbalistic ways of intending and manifesting abundance for ourselves and letting go of the obstacles we may have to receiving it.
Be prepared, eyes wide shut, to find the internal treasure that will fund your richer life!

September 2013 – Genealogy

Using dream work, guided imagery and other powerful techniques taught at the School Of Images, this workshop is an in-depth exploration of the connection between dream, body, and family history. In the same way as we open repetitive dreams, we will explore the repetitiveness in body symptoms, family relationships and family history. Having identified these patterns, we will learn how to free our bodies from disabling memories, hidden agendas and unexamined belief systems. Using quick revelatory imagery tools we will change the past, ourselves, our ancestral tree, freeing ourselves to live a more embodied live now and for the future.



June 2013

We live in relationship. Even if we’re hermits on the top of a mountain we cannot not relate—to the blade of grass, the brook, the sun, the creator. By simply focusing on an object, a tree or another person, we create the twosome, I–It or I–Thou, that is a fundamental law of our universe. In this world of duality, we are always looking for—or else fighting against —that other part of the equation, whether it’s hot/cold, wet/dry, male/female. Just as our right hand will look for our left, or heaven for the earth, so are we looking for—or fearing—the perfect fit that will make us whole. We call this other part of the equation a soulmate.  Why soul? Is it gender opposite in the physical sense? Or can the equation be same-gender twins like Castor and Pollux? Can family, friends or even groups of people be soulmates? What causes us to be drawn to one person and not to another? Is it accidental or purposeful? Chance or destiny? How do we recognize that so-and-so or a particular group are soul mates or soul families? Does the law of attraction mean that we’ve met before in other lifetimes? Are there laws to finding the perfect soul match? And if we think we have found our match, how do we make sense of the fact that we do not “live happily ever after” but continue to struggle? Is feeling alienated and sometimes murderously angry also part of the picture? With soul connections we are dealing with a range of emotions ranging from the desire to possess or swallow up to the perfect match and union of equals. Many myths and fairy tales describe the quest for the perfect fit of shoe/soul/princess, and the kiss that awakens her. Beauty and the Beast are two opposites of the same equation. And this equation, recognized, transforms them from adversaries to a loving pair.  Our task this weekend will be to explore what soul mates are; the underlying reasons (dream, reincarnation) for these very charged relationships; how to call for and find our soul mates; how to allow them to
fulfill us and make us one again.

March 2012

Splendor I: Intuition and the Inner Child.

The work of Splendor, called Bahir in the Kabbalistic text of the same name, is the art of creating light within. “Out of the darkness comes the light.” The light is born of your turning your eyes within. When you do you will see your imagination at play.

In many traditions this birth of light within ourselves is mythologized as the child of light, whether it is Horus in the Egyptian pantheon, Isaac or Moses in the Bible, the infant Jesus in the New Testament. It is also called In-tuition, in contrast to what we are taught on the outside.

This “child of light” or intuition may be a revelation to us, showing us a different side to ourselves or a different truth from the one we are taught by parents, teachers or peers. It is the nature of our world of limitations that what we have been taught on the outside doesn’t always sit well with our inner truth.

Inevitably within each of us is a suffering child, a child who has lost that perfect happiness andinnocence, that garden of delights the child of light reminds us of. Twins, separated at birth, these two are longing to be reunited. But a journey awaits the suffering child, one in which he must face the obstacles each hero must face to return to himself and reunite with his twin.

He will have to face the beasts of his instincts, the storms of his emotions, the father and mother of his belief systems, to reach the inner sanctum of himself, the child of light within.

This is the work dr. Catherine Shainberg propose we do in the first of two workshops on Intuition. It is a work of clarificationpurification and courage. But do not fear, your imagination will be your guide and will show you the way.

Get ready to wake up and dream yourself back to the true joy that is within each of you! Get ready to journey from innocence to innocence reconquered!


June 2011

(Catherine and the organizers of the Workshop on a stroll along the Slovenian coast in June 2011.)


In June 2011, the title of the workshop was:

Kabbalah and the power of dreaming

You know how to walk, do you know how to dream?
There are two ways to travel through life, the walk and the dream. The walk is what you do everyday as you move through your life, it starts when you are born, follows a story (yours) and eventually ends. The dream is vertical. It breaks through time with its insights, premonitions, clairvoyance and visions. In surprising and sometimes shocking ways it brings truth, like a mirror reflecting back to you what you cannot otherwise see because your daily preoccupations and emotions cloud your knowledge of yourself and of the world.

The dream cuts through confusion. The dream is revelatory. It infuses new meaning into your life, propels your story forward, changes the direction of your walk. Walking and dreaming are two things you must do simultaneously, but too often you are only aware of the walk.

You are dreaming as you read this but you have lost sight of the images and sounds, smells, tastes and textures of your inner world. Your dreaming goes on night and day—by which I mean not your wishful imaginings, reveries or fantasy—but true dreaming.

True dreaming is powerful—it is the source of intent and manifestation. To practice true dreaming requires skill and practice. Using ancient methods taught by Sefardic kabbalists for centuries to develop their dreaming abilities this workshop will teach you how to harness the power of dreaming and access the vertical path. Be prepared for three days of arduous introspection, with eyes wide shut.