Morphology, year 7

5. – 7.6.2020

You can join this workshop even if you haven’t studied morphology yet. If there will be enough interest we will organize refresher course of first six years, so it will be easier to follow. Mark on application.


The workshop is culmination of six years of studying all aspects of morphology.

We are morphologists studying form and we must be able to read the people we meet at a glance. With a hand shake, a quick look at the shape, colors, texture of the palm and at the forms of the fingers and nails can tell us whether hand, face and body work in tandem or in opposition. 

We can learn a lot about the mind because it is mirrored in the palm and fingers, and this is information that completes and refines our general reading of body and face. Fingers and palms are connected by shape to the Greek Gods and to their stories. Our hands tell us what these basic mythic characteristics are, and at the same time show us our unfolding personal stories. 

This is your last essential morphology workshop and we will use it to review all you know. 
• We will look at faces, bodies and hands in concert, using all the grids you’ve learned. 
• We’ll find the language to create a comprehensive picture of the person we’re looking at. 

• Each of you will be photographed for the class: face, profile, back of head, body and hands. It goes without saying that your information is private and will not be shared with others outside our group. 

• We will, as always, look with the respect that is the mark of a true and accomplished morphologist. • We will endeavor always to find the language that guides us to the qi tov, the good in the other. 

Be prepared to be amazed by the magic of the human form.