Catherine Shainberg

Dr Catherine Shainberg is a transpersonal psychologist, healer, visionary and teacher with a private practice in New York City. In her 40 years’ experience she has taught thousands of students around the world and created revolutionary tools for clearing physical and emotional disorders.

Catherine trained as an art historian at the Sorbonne and at the School of the Louvre, earned her Masters in both schools and was a consultant for UNESCO. In 1972 Catherine moved to Israel, where she converted to Judaism and spent 10 years studying the Kabbalah of Light in Jerusalem with Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, a renowned kabbalist, mystic and teacher. Catherine also studied with the Rav Zerbiv, head rabbi of Oran, Algeria and the Rav Kook, son of the first Great Rabbi of Israel, the most revered kabbalist of the 20th century.

Catherine in Strunjan, Slovenia

From 1972 to 1982, Catherine taught at Hebrew University, at the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem and founded the Center for Jewish Movement. In 1981, Catherine moved to New York City. She earned a PhD in psychology and co-founded—with her late husband, David Shainberg, MD and Professor John Briggs — an exploration of dialogue that became the foundation for physicist David Bohm’s famous “Dialogue Groups.” In 1982, Catherine founded The School of Images®, dedicated to teaching the revelatory dream and kavanah (intent) techniques of the ancient Sephardic Kabbalah tradition.

Over the last forty years, Catherine has designed and developed modern applications for this ancient science . In thousands of cases her method has proved effective in catalyzing creative manifestation at all levels, in all areas of life, whether personal or professional, communal or global. Her life commitment is to teach and promote dreaming as the way to health, success, abundance and joy, and as one of the great paths to enlightenment.

She is the author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming: Awakening the Visionary Life (published by Inner Traditions), Genesis and Movement (not in print) and DreamBirth: Transforming the Journey of Childbirth Through Imagery Life (published by Sounds True). Catherine lives in New York City. She conducts imagery and dreaming workshops internationally.

An interview with Catherine when she was visiting Slovenia in 2011:

Dreaming Awake – with dr. Catherine Shainberg, Studio 12.