The School of Images



The School of Images® (SOI) was founded by Dr. Catherine Shainberg in 1982 and is located in New York City where it attracts people from around the world. SOI teaches the language of imagination for instantaneous insight and transformation. The SOI teaching works to catalyze creative manifestation at all levels, in all areas of life, whether personal or professional, communal or global. If an individual chooses, the teaching may serve as the foundation for exploration of a sacred path.


The SOI mission is to teach the use of imagination for transformational purposes. Our belief is that this primary global language has the capacity to unify communities while empowering the individual. It is our goal to make this opportunity available to all people. Dreaming, visualization and revelation, the keys to the forgotten power of the imagination, are dynamic techniques which bring clarity, healing and renewal.


The techniques taught at the School of Images® are based in the teachings of the Kabbalah of Light. The lineage dates back to Isaac the Blind of Provence, France, and Jacob Ben Sheshet of Gerona, Spain in the 13th century. The last lineage holder was revered kabbalist Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat who adapted the ancient methods to meet the needs of a contemporary world, and with whom SOI founder Dr. Catherine Shainberg studied for 10 years and spent an additional 20 years in collaboration. Colette adopted Catherine as her spiritual daughter.


In the tradition of Kabbalah of Light teachings, the SOI work is experiential. There is no direct study or analysis of text and no permutation of letters (gematria). Unlike other kabbalistic ways this work is pure Kabbalah, which means “receiving.” It is an experience one “receives” through inner gazing, an exploration of the imaginal field using a universally understood language.

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